inspiration? brownies

The only inspiration I’ve felt lately is to make some of these. I am DYING to whip up a batch of bad boys… Salted Caramel Brownies…they are taunting me! Advertisements

the love, forever.

The love – falling…………………


On Friday our family lost a very dear friend named Shirley. She’s worked for our family for years and years and had become not just a friend, but another member of our family. Until about a month ago this woman was as vibrant as could be, in her late 60’s she came to work everyday, … Continue reading

Lemon bars

Last night, in a spare 15 minutes, I decided to whip up a little treat to bring into work…I forgot it at home. oops…! Here the recipe for some very yummy lemon bars made by the lovely P Dubs lemony lemon bars. But just a few quick notes: -do NOT press down the top layer … Continue reading

Where I’m from.

I’m back! Phew, so the list took a little longer than anticipated…and to be completely honest there’s still 2 things (the Grad school statements) that have to be finished. But I have a fabulous weekend full of a whole lot of glorious nothing ahead of me. For some reason every time the hubster is a … Continue reading


After this post I am restricted from blogging until the following list is complete (the goal is for Sunday night). 1. Plane Tickets for a little upcoming getaway purchased 2. Wedding shower gifts for several friends purchased and mailed 3. Grad school Application essay written X2 3.Transcripts requested 4. GRE Scores Sent 5. Recommendation forms … Continue reading

Margarita Pizza…MAKE ME!

One of my most favorite things to make…and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it if I may say so myself. Last night I changed things up a bit and used a new thin crust and it totally rocked my world (my guest’s socks were also knocked off)! The crust was perfectly stable and crunchy/chewy. … Continue reading