I needed some inspiration, and I found it!

I’ve probably made it very obvious by now that I thoroughly enjoy decorating our home. Not only do I enjoy it, but it has become very necessary to me. I cannot live in a place with blank walls and no personality, can’t and won’t do it. You’re home is such an expression of who you … Continue reading

Promotion Day!

Today John was promoted to 1st Lieutenant! I’m so excited for him and couldn’t be more proud of him! I am so thankful to be married to such an amazing man! I fall more in love with him everyday and am so thankful that I have a husband that I can be so proud of!!! … Continue reading

Spring time

Thankfully I don’t suffer from allergies so I get to enjoy this time of year to its fullest! This time of year makes me smile from ear to ear! I love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. Now, spring here is not as pronounced as it is back on the east coast in … Continue reading

Living in the real world.

Next Monday John will be promoted to 1st Lieutenant! I can’t believe that he was commissioned 2 years ago! SO much has happened in these past two years! But this promotion has been something we’ve both been looking forward to for a while now. Now John will be a senior Lieutenant (you have no idea … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Oh I am so ready for the weekend! (but who isn’t really). Not that this has been a “bad” week, but I continue to be frustrated and unmotivated by my job daily and that alone leaves me craving the freedom of Friday afternoon. Well at long last I have finally taken some pictures of our … Continue reading

Pesto Spaghetti, Salmon and bruchetta

This might be my new favorite meal. Its so easy and really delicious! Bruchetta: Ingredients: 4 Tomatoes 2 Cloves Garlic Fresh Basil Balsamic Vinegar 1 Loaf crusty crunchy bread (I use a baguette and cut slices on the diagonal) Olive oil How to do it: -Dice tomatoes and 1 clove of garlic -Mix together with … Continue reading

Loving our new place.

John and I are absolutely loving our new place. Out of the three this is by far the best (and fortunately not the most expensive of the three!). The living room/dining room area has these amazing vaulted ceilings. There’s so much light which I love and it makes the room feel huge! (will take pictures … Continue reading

Exhaustion would be the word.

Goodness. What a week. Actually, the last two weeks have worn me out. Between the job interviews, friends’ husbands deploying, our weekend getaway to Arizona, moving on Monday and work I am POOPED. Where to start… The job interviews are over for now. I turned down the one job offer and kind of screwed myself … Continue reading

Saying goodbye has become far too a regular occurrence for us.

Today a really good friend of ours is deploying to Afghanistan for a year. This is his third deployment in 2 1/2 years. He just got back in December from a 5 month deployment! I know that no one ever said life was going to be fair, but come on! His wife is one of … Continue reading

Raspberry Buttermilk cake HELLOOOOO!

Yea, just make this. Don’t ask questions, don’t think about it, just freaking do it. It took like 10 minutes maximum to make this AMAZING cake, 20 minutes to bake. I took it over to our friends house last night and between the four of us we ate all but one little piece. Very moist, … Continue reading