Time to take just a short break. Things have been a bit exhausting lately and I just need a little breather. Be back soon! Advertisements

weekly favorites

i’m so very happy to wrap this week up and to get a start on the weekend! as i do here are a few of my favorites from this week… 1. um, i poached an egg. first try. #winning! (i don’t even know what the # means, but i figure everyone else is doing it … Continue reading

Kitchen Changes

yesterday I saw this kitchen and was immediately inspired for our kitchen. i fell in love with the yellow door and grey cabinets. unfortunately we can’t paint anything in our kitchen (nor do we have a pocket door which opens to a lovely pantry) so i started to think of how i can incorporate this … Continue reading

Peach and balsamic flatbread Pizza

this recipe has been floating around pinterest quite a bit so i figured it was time to give it a go. and it is divine. i made this for dinner last friday (no meat!) and even the ever-skeptical hubs enjoyed it. the guy who the entire time i was making the pizza was complaining that … Continue reading


i have been having a lot of graphic nightmares lately. not really sure what’s going on. the worst are when i wake up when the hubs gets up to leave and then i go back to sleep, i’m starting to think i should just stay up to avoid these disturbing dreams. recently i stumbled upon … Continue reading

rainy weekend

its a rare occasion to have a rainy weekend around here. and it was exactly what i needed. the hubs was a-workin in the rain, but i made sure to lounge enough for the both of us. i stayed in my sweats all day saturday until we left for a party around 6:30…glorious. (clearly i … Continue reading

twinkle twinkle, little star

how i wonder what you are. up above the world, so high. like a diamond in the sky. twinkle, twinkle, little star. how i wander what you are. i haven’t heard this song in a long time. but recently i heard it again and it hit me differently. it might sound strange, but this song … Continue reading

guest posting and pork?

yes! today I’m guest posting over here on McCutcheon’s Blog, written by my incredibly talented little sister. if you want to make this… (and trust me, you do) go here and order some of this then go here McCutcheon’s Blog and get the recipe! Enjoy!

POP Pilates

i get bored with workouts very quickly and when i get bored i skip them. i feel like i’m right on the cusp of seeing results from the past month but need to keep pushing myself to get there. you know that point where you can feel that any day now your hard work is … Continue reading

stay at home momma

do they get a bad rap? i know it isn’t for everyone, some mommas are amazing at juggling it all, career/family/life, and truly enjoy it (i kind of envy them). and for some families two incomes are necessary, but does it seem like those parents who do both are held in higher regard? my entire … Continue reading