Starting Fresh (again)

I lied. I wasn’t ready to blog. I was delusional from sleep deprivation. So 5 months later here we are. Still incredibly sleep deprived, but I can function now. And now that I’m starting to come into my own in this mommyhood world I am ready to make some changes. I am putting my hopes/goals … Continue reading

my dream

its hard to believe all the dreams i had as a little girl are coming true. surreal.


all new moms have fears. we’ve never done this before, we have no idea what to expect. if you try and tell me that you don’t have at least one fear i’ll smack you. liar. since the moment i found out i was pregnant i’ve had two main fears: breastfeeding and getting fat. these two … Continue reading


have you read this? are you “busy”? i think most people around me can i agree that i tend to be in a constant state of motion and “doing stuff”. which i love, but pregnancy has given me the surprising gift of down time. i simply do not have the energy or ability to be … Continue reading

bear with me

i have posts coming, I swear!

being grateful

with a baby on the way there is a lot of thought/worry/concern/planning/finagling about money. about having all the “right” stuff when he gets here and being able to give him the life he deserves. i only have 4 months of work left before I quit my job (with 2 week long unpaid vacation/trips thrown in … Continue reading

too much

i’ve been a bit of an emotional basket case the past week. some of it warranted, some of it just comes out of nowhere. most of it pure exhaustion. the past few weeks have been non-stop for preggers over here and it has hit my like a ton of bricks. i need a nap. we’re … Continue reading


this past weekend was a doozie. without going into detail i feel like i was given an abundance of opportunities to witness what friendship really means and how unbelievably important it is. i couldn’t agree more with this statement (found on pinterest of course) my friends are my family. it doesn’t take much for me … Continue reading

friday ramblings of a faith

this weekend is starting with a heavy heart, a sweet friend lost her husband today. she has been and continues to be an amazing example of a strong wife, mother and woman of God. throughout all of her intense struggles the past few weeks she has continued to praise God for the gifts in her … Continue reading

such a boring blogger

2 posts in a week, how pathetic, right? i’m sorry i’m a boring blogger. this week was a little rough, bigger belly (which means lots of smaller clothes), lots of sleepless nights and that bitch nausea again. just as i’ve started feeling great again i feel like i’ve taken 10 steps backwards. with that being … Continue reading