Pizza and cookies

So last night I made this pizza. The sauce wasn’t so good, I would probably just make a simple garlic sauce next time, but the crust was delish. Perfect thin crust. Then I also made these homemade oreos, also not so great. I ususally love everything she makes but this recipe just didn’t do it … Continue reading

the love, the beginning.

More inspiration!

Read this! Black heels to Tractor Wheels. The author is Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. I love her. She has the cheekiest (word? yes.) sense of humor and the best attitude towards life. (AND the best recipes) She’s published a great cookbook “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” and she’s written a book about the lovestory of … Continue reading

Letting my creative colors show.

I dream of this camera. There are two things I’d like to purchase in the next month or so. A sewing machine (and sewing classes if I can find them) and a polaroid camera (not both at the same time of course). I would die if I could find/afford a SX70 but such is not … Continue reading

Shepherd’s pie.

John got home from work at the same moment Cali and I were finishing our run yesterday and he was HUNGRY, to put it mildly (this man must be working hard to be so hungry when he gets home every day). So I had to whip dinner together in a jiff, I knew I had … Continue reading

Pallet Beds

2 Posts in one day! WHOA NELLY! Calm down there sister. I know I know, but I really wanted to share this awesome idea. Any of you who have been into the warehouse of our family biz know that there are pallets EVERYWHERE! Working there you must say “pallet” 50 times a day! Though appropriately … Continue reading

i AM obsessed

with home decor! I love seeing other people’s personalities and lifestyles through their homes. For this reason I LOVE the home tours, this is one of my favs, on Apartment Therapy. I get so much inspiration from looking at these other people’s homes. I absolutely love love love this light blue bedroom with the orange … Continue reading

Finger foods

A friend of mine and I hosted a Pampered Chef party (they’re like the new tupperware party) at my apartment this weekend and had so much fun entertaining in our new place and making all kinds of yummy H’orderves and delish finger foods we rarely have an excuse to make! I made spinach artichoke dip … Continue reading

I had the very best birthday!

It was really the best day! And this was without a doubt due to the fact that I was able to go on a very romantic date with my husband, without planning anything or worrying about the cost. All I had to do was look pretty and give him kisses the whole night long! Its … Continue reading

Birthday shoes

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. So John told me that tomorrow I need to be dressed and ready by 4pm, to go where I don’t know, all he said was that I need to look nice! (And trust me I’ll be looking so nice he’ll thing its his birthday!) So I went out and bought … Continue reading