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i (will) quit sugar

i am addicted to sugar. i’m tired of it. i feel like and look like shiz and i’m over it. but i can’t do it alone. so here i am… my goal is to use this as a sort of accountability. maybe even find a friend or two who want to do this thing with … Continue reading

We opened an Etsy shoppe!

It’s official, my sis and I opened an Etsy shoppe, Sister City Maps. My sister is an extremely talented artist and we are currently featuring prints of her watercolor maps of varying US states and cities. Custom maps are also available upon request. I already have a few hanging around the house and I love … Continue reading

17 days and old lady soccer legs

we are 17 days in to the Whole Life Challenge. There have been good days and cheat days and lots of vegetables and a few cupcakes, bit on the whole it’s going pretty well. I can notice a difference in both body and mind for the better. I’ve lost a few pounds and any bloating … Continue reading

And then she blogged…

About nothing in particular. But better something about nothing than nothing at all. Or something like that… Clearly I am terrible at blogging now. I blame it on my lack of sleep and extremely energetic/time consuming 9 month old. So please direct any complaints to this guy — Speaking of that guy, he is almost … Continue reading

thoughts on being a stay at home momma

where to begin? …. is there something you’ve always known was what you were meant to do with your life? career, sport, cause what have you? regardless of everything i have done and will do with my life i’ve always known i was meant to be a momma. and with that, a stay at home … Continue reading


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Paleo Apple Crisp

This stuff is AWESOME. No flour, no eggs, no dairy, no refined sugars. Its just the bite of sweet I need with no blood sugar spikes and I’m not hungry 20 minutes later. It tastes so good, you’ll be shocked that it isn’t bad for you! Seriously make this. I got the recipe (along with … Continue reading

6 days in

About a week in and things are ok. No shopping, which actually feels great. It’s allowing me to take stock of what I really want rather than constantly accumulating the so-so stuff. Even after just one week its refreshing that the “I wants” are dying down as I have a month to think about whether … Continue reading

Starting Fresh (again)

I lied. I wasn’t ready to blog. I was delusional from sleep deprivation. So 5 months later here we are. Still incredibly sleep deprived, but I can function now. And now that I’m starting to come into my own in this mommyhood world I am ready to make some changes. I am putting my hopes/goals … Continue reading

New Year, fresh start

It’s been a while… The last time I posted it was 2012 and I was 34 weeks pregnant. Fast forward to today and its 2013 and we have an 8 week old baby boy running our lives! Meet Andrew Jacob Quail, born November 8, 2012! We are SO in love. Its been a crazy whirlwind. … Continue reading

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