Starting Fresh (again)

I lied. I wasn’t ready to blog. I was delusional from sleep deprivation.

So 5 months later here we are. Still incredibly sleep deprived, but I can function now. And now that I’m starting to come into my own in this mommyhood world I am ready to make some changes. I am putting my hopes/goals what have you out on the interweb to try and have some accountability. So if anyone reads this, please feel free to call me out and see what I am doing.

So, when our little Drew was first born it was a total and complete life altering shock. I know everyone says it, but its true. Every single aspect of my life has changed, and it basically happened over night. It was all I could do just to make through from day to day for a few months. But the fog is clearling and its time live intentionally again.

So here’s a little of how things have changed and what I want to do to get back on track in the next 30 days (through July 12).

Sleep – Apparently I was very used to my 8 hours and those 8 hours were what kept me a pleasant individual. Well, little homie doesn’t sleep so that went out the window. My poor hubby, I have been a sleepy grump about 65% of the time. We are now 7 months in and we are starting to get some 5 hour stretches and they are GLORIOUS. But regardless, I’m tired of being a grump and both of my boys deserve better. So I have learned to sleep when the baby sleeps, we both take a long morning nap together to get through the day and it has helped tremendously. NOw I need to focus on maintaining the good mood until AFTER the hubs gets home from work. So for the next 30 days my goal is to be sweet to my hubby every night when he gets home (unless he really deserves otherwise) and to tell him why I appreciate him, b/c he is awesome and I don’t let him know that enough.

Fitness – Ugh. Fitness has always beens such a HUGE part of my life and I truly miss it. But I’ve never been out of shape before in my entire life and getting back into shape seems so daunting. At the beginning this kid of mine hated the stroller and this went on for a good 4 1/2 months, so running was definitely a no go. Thank God for the Ergo baby carrier, I’ve strapped that bad boy on and walked countless miles. Also up until about month 4 I was so dang tired I couldn’t muster the energy to work out anyway. We’ve started occasionally running again, when the dude will tolerate it, but we’re talking MAYBE twice a week. So my goal is to get back into shape. Little by little. For the next 30 days (until July 12) my goal is to work out at least 4 days a week, this does not include walking. Whether its a run, a workout video whatever, its gotta happen.

Nutrition – HA! what’s that? Before baby I was pretty average, 80% healthy 20% bad. Now some days it feels (And probably is) the opposite. I’ve been relying far too heaviliy on sugar to get me through the past few months and the addiction is at its worst. I feel gross. So my goals for the next 30 days are to eat a healthy breakfast every morning (smoothy, yogurt, eggs whatever!), to quit snacking on sugary snacks (we arent keeping any more in the house) and to avoid snacks after dinner.

Weight – Between the breastfeeding, walking and a child who hates when you sit down I have thankfully lost all of my baby weight. I’m actually about 5 lbs under my pre-preggo weight, but everything has shifted.
So right now I’m about 125. I want to be at 120. But more importantly I want to loose this little belly and the love handles that have set up shop. I don’t have a specific weight goal for the month, we dont even own a scale, but I figure the weight loss will come with the fitness and the nutrition.

$ – Less money mo’ problems. So, I quit my job. And at first it was fine, we had EVERYTHING and more we needed for baby and I was too zombied out to do anything. Well then I started coming back to life and realized I couldnt be home all day everyday or I’d lose my mind so I’d “run errands”. Damn you target. and the fact of the matter is, you can’t live like you’ve got the same amount of money when you don’t. Not to mention the hubs and I are OVER the debt game and ready to move on. So starting today my goal is NO shopping for the next 30 days. NONE excluding grocery shopping and to buy a fathers day gift for the hubby, a shower gift for a friend and a bday gift for my little sis. Thats it! Also, I will not be carrying any credit cards in my wallet. I’ll be asking the hubs to do the same and I’m suggesting we keep them in a central location and ask each others permission before using them. Time to be accountable. This will be my biggest challenge but the one I am most excited about accomplishing. I’m hoping that I can redirect my energy into my workouts, my son and my relationships with friends and my hubby.

To maintain some sort of accountability I will be posting weekly updates. PLEASE feel free to call me out and see what/how I’m doing!

And because he is my motivation for all that I do I’ll leave you with this little nugget who has stolen my heart


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