6 days in

About a week in and things are ok.

No shopping, which actually feels great. It’s allowing me to take stock of what I really want rather than constantly accumulating the so-so stuff. Even after just one week its refreshing that the “I wants” are dying down as I have a month to think about whether or not I really do what it.

I’ve stepped up the workouts, which feels awesome. I’ve been running a lot more and I was able to take a run sans stroller on the beach this weekend. All I have to say is that stroller is HEAVY and it definitely challenges me on my runs. I’ve also been doing the “Malibooty”
We still take multiple walks a day just to get out and about but these are more for peace of mind than body.

As far as Breaking the sugar addiction goes…we’re getting there, but haven’t kicked it yet. I’ve started reading “It Starts with Food” and am considering the “Whole 30 Challenge” for next month to cleanse my system.

I’ve also decided to add another goal for the month, some “unplugged” time. My goal is no facebooking, instagramming, pinteresting etc between dinner time and baby bedtime and all together on Sundays.

Thanks for everybody that has been helping to keep me honest!

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