a room for baby boy (nursery update)

we’ve made some progress on little Q’s nursery. the hubs managed to squeeze a little painting into his busy schedule for me, he knows i’m neurotic and need it done NOW. he’s so sweet. here’s some updates on where we are… before (haha like the onsie?) i’ve got big plans for this wall. i’m building … Continue reading


all new moms have fears. we’ve never done this before, we have no idea what to expect. if you try and tell me that you don’t have at least one fear i’ll smack you. liar. since the moment i found out i was pregnant i’ve had two main fears: breastfeeding and getting fat. these two … Continue reading

shower for baby Q – Maryland Style

while visiting my family and friends in maryland a few weeks ago my mom and my sister threw me a baby shower. it was the perfect day. i was surrounded by people i love and miss constantly while celebrating our little coming attraction. my mom and my sister did an amazing job of planning the … Continue reading

And she’s back, with some cobbler

i always feel like one of the best ways to win people over is with sweets. so here i am, trying to win back my readers (are there any of you???) with some sweets. after an exhausting few weeks full of travel, baby celebrations and the flu i finally have the energy to write a … Continue reading


have you read this? are you “busy”? i think most people around me can i agree that i tend to be in a constant state of motion and “doing stuff”. which i love, but pregnancy has given me the surprising gift of down time. i simply do not have the energy or ability to be … Continue reading

bear with me

i have posts coming, I swear!

being grateful

with a baby on the way there is a lot of thought/worry/concern/planning/finagling about money. about having all the “right” stuff when he gets here and being able to give him the life he deserves. i only have 4 months of work left before I quit my job (with 2 week long unpaid vacation/trips thrown in … Continue reading