fall style

the daylight is changing and that means its time for my favorite season (although i haven’t seen a “real” fall in about 3 1/2 years.) its still in the high 70’s/80’s during the day in these parts, but its nice and cool in the evenings, giving me false hope. regardless, my roundness prevents me from … Continue reading

26 weeks large

26 weeks, that’s 6 1/2 months what!? i’ve been negligent of belly pictures lately. probably because at this point in my life attractive is not a word i use when describing how i feel. i usually just stick to large. i’m also lazy. but i’m trying to be better/more positive and i do want to … Continue reading

weekly favorites

after what felt to be a very long week, are are some of my favorites that made me smile. happy weekend 🙂 *this update on Ashley’s incubator project. she is so inspirational. * i can’t wait to try these cookies. * i need to find a pair of red or coral pants (preferably jeans) that … Continue reading