Paleo Apple Crisp

This stuff is AWESOME. No flour, no eggs, no dairy, no refined sugars. Its just the bite of sweet I need with no blood sugar spikes and I’m not hungry 20 minutes later. It tastes so good, you’ll be shocked that it isn’t bad for you! Seriously make this. I got the recipe (along with … Continue reading

summer peach pie

happy weekend friends! if you’re heading to a party or a bbq this weekend, or just want something summery and sweet to enjoy i highly suggest giving this recipe for peach pie a try. its sweet, light and refreshing and so easy to make. a note, i made my pie dough in the food processor … Continue reading

And she’s back, with some cobbler

i always feel like one of the best ways to win people over is with sweets. so here i am, trying to win back my readers (are there any of you???) with some sweets. after an exhausting few weeks full of travel, baby celebrations and the flu i finally have the energy to write a … Continue reading

Mushroom Risotto

so almost every post lately (though still somewhat far and few between, thanks for baring with me) has been about food. i guess you could say that’s where my inspiration has been lately. or you could just say i’m hungry…and you would be correct. so last night i tried something new (for me) as requested … Continue reading

weekly favorites

after what felt to be a very long week, are are some of my favorites that made me smile. happy weekend 🙂 *this update on Ashley’s incubator project. she is so inspirational. * i can’t wait to try these cookies. * i need to find a pair of red or coral pants (preferably jeans) that … Continue reading

Jessica does it again, Roasted Garlic Shrimp Scampi

i think my friend Jessica likes to cook for me. which is fine by me, because i love to eat everything she makes for me. last night she made me one of my favorites, shrimp scampi, while we started to plan a baby shower for our favorite mommy-to-be. now, i will preface this by admitting … Continue reading

Giada and Jessica’s Mascarpone Cupcakes

my dear friend Jessica made me these cupcakes a few weeks ago and they are to die for! they are so very light and not too sweet. i can’t speak from experience, yet, but she said they are the easiest cupcakes to make. i can, however, speak from experience when i tell you it is … Continue reading

weekly favorites

i’m so very happy to wrap this week up and to get a start on the weekend! as i do here are a few of my favorites from this week… 1. um, i poached an egg. first try. #winning! (i don’t even know what the # means, but i figure everyone else is doing it … Continue reading

Peach and balsamic flatbread Pizza

this recipe has been floating around pinterest quite a bit so i figured it was time to give it a go. and it is divine. i made this for dinner last friday (no meat!) and even the ever-skeptical hubs enjoyed it. the guy who the entire time i was making the pizza was complaining that … Continue reading

rainy weekend

its a rare occasion to have a rainy weekend around here. and it was exactly what i needed. the hubs was a-workin in the rain, but i made sure to lounge enough for the both of us. i stayed in my sweats all day saturday until we left for a party around 6:30…glorious. (clearly i … Continue reading