6 days in

About a week in and things are ok. No shopping, which actually feels great. It’s allowing me to take stock of what I really want rather than constantly accumulating the so-so stuff. Even after just one week its refreshing that the “I wants” are dying down as I have a month to think about whether … Continue reading

Starting Fresh (again)

I lied. I wasn’t ready to blog. I was delusional from sleep deprivation. So 5 months later here we are. Still incredibly sleep deprived, but I can function now. And now that I’m starting to come into my own in this mommyhood world I am ready to make some changes. I am putting my hopes/goals … Continue reading

26 weeks large

26 weeks, that’s 6 1/2 months what!? i’ve been negligent of belly pictures lately. probably because at this point in my life attractive is not a word i use when describing how i feel. i usually just stick to large. i’m also lazy. but i’m trying to be better/more positive and i do want to … Continue reading


all new moms have fears. we’ve never done this before, we have no idea what to expect. if you try and tell me that you don’t have at least one fear i’ll smack you. liar. since the moment i found out i was pregnant i’ve had two main fears: breastfeeding and getting fat. these two … Continue reading

POP Pilates

i get bored with workouts very quickly and when i get bored i skip them. i feel like i’m right on the cusp of seeing results from the past month but need to keep pushing myself to get there. you know that point where you can feel that any day now your hard work is … Continue reading


today i’m featured over here (!) to talk about running for ACT Today, an amazing organization supporting military families who are battling autism.

January Pinterest favorites

to start the weekend off here’s a rundown of some pinterest faves from January: I love this color. On the hunt for the perfect table to paint! Wise words on marriage making this pizza asap a fun new diy valentine’s present ispiration have a wonderful weekend!

barre workouts and runs

happy monday. after a a nice relaxing weekend i thought i’d drop a little not about everyone’s favorite thing to talk about on monday morning…workout! (ha). up until a few months ago i strictly ran and did a little weight training and pilates. i love to run (so far the hubs and i have picked … Continue reading