Its so true…I plan and God really does laugh!

Since I last posted things have been a little nuts! Where to begin.. Well last Wednesday,  believing it was to be my last at Johnson and Johnson, I went back to the temp agency that placed me to inquire about a new placement (a more permanent, full-time placement).  I have set a deadline of Sept 30th for … Continue reading

Getting over the hump.

Its only Wednesday? This is the slowest week of my life.  I hope this doesn’t continue this way for the next 5 months! Well I heard from John last night! I got some little comments on facebook from him but then I also got an email! And this one just made my day because sometimes … Continue reading

Can’t sleep.

Since John has left I have not been able to sleep at all! It is so strange, especially because I’m the one that passes out the second my head touches the pillow. Every night, minus Friday night where I couldn’t have been more exhausted, I’ve gotten into bed and tossed and turned, watched TV, turned … Continue reading

Back into the swing of things!

Well its Monday and I’m back in my routine! (which is EXACTLY what I need).  After such a rollercoaster weekend it feels really good to be back to the norm! Saturday after taking my dear Cali to the vets…AGAIN…she has now been cleared as HEALTHY! Thank God! However, the vet informed me that as a … Continue reading

Day 1.

Well, he’s gone. Thursday and Friday were the longest and shortest days of my life. We woke up around 6:30 Thursday morning and I didn’t get into bed until about 6AM on Friday morning. John had to go in to work on Thursday morning unfortunately, but he was home by noon thank God. So we spent … Continue reading

John leaves tomorrow.

It’s real now and I have been dreading this. I know its not a combat deployment but the thought of being separated for at least 5 months is killing me right now. To be frank, its going to be so damn lonely here without him. He’s my best friend and when he’s here we spend … Continue reading

I sliced my toe at putt-putt.

I really did, and it was bleeding like the blood was trying to desperately escape my body! (I was leaving bloody footprints all over the putt putt course haha, I like to leave my mark). We went out with our friends John and Jessica, found an AMAZING Chinese restaurant downtown and had the BEST waiter. … Continue reading

One week left

One week from today and John’s going to be off to Japan and then only God knows where. Clearly I’ve known this was coming for a while but when he called me at work to give me the “official word” it became real. It was not easy to sit there at my desk and not … Continue reading

Move over Monday!

Today I was back to work. I’ve been so spoiled the last two weeks. It was quite odd going back to work today. Fortunately I have LOTS to do so the time just flew by! Although I’m quite confused about this job…I have no idea where it is going! (And neither does my boss…great) I’m … Continue reading

Its been a while

  Its has been a while since my last post, but I’ve had a hard time settling down to sit and write the past couple of days. So lets see where I need to pick up…   Right, so our camping trip to Sequoia was awesome! John and I had such an amazing time! It … Continue reading