snippets of lately

“laid back. with my mind on my money, and my money on my mind” …this dog cracks me up. the print i ordered for the nursery came, i love it! the hubs and i had an exceptionally busy week last week, both dressed up and down. nursery prep has begun (updates soon)! we emptied and … Continue reading

too much

i’ve been a bit of an emotional basket case the past week. some of it warranted, some of it just comes out of nowhere. most of it pure exhaustion. the past few weeks have been non-stop for preggers over here and it has hit my like a ton of bricks. i need a nap. we’re … Continue reading

shower for babIES

on sunday i co-hosted a baby shower for a dear friend and her babies (twins!!!)! it was somewhat of a nontraditional shower. we threw it on the beach, on father’s day and there were minimal games and no gift opening. the weather was gorgeous, albeit a bit windy, but the beach was beyond crowded! there … Continue reading


its time to slowly start putting our nursery together for this little boy. the first step involves a lot of cleaning, reorganizing and probably purging. we plan on turning our existing office into the nursery but we need to find a spot for everything in the office. here is a little glimpse of what i’m … Continue reading


this past weekend was a doozie. without going into detail i feel like i was given an abundance of opportunities to witness what friendship really means and how unbelievably important it is. i couldn’t agree more with this statement (found on pinterest of course) my friends are my family. it doesn’t take much for me … Continue reading


first, thank you all so much for your sweet words about our baby boy. we are so very excited and still in disbelief that in a few months we will have a son. the hubs already has big plans for this little man and it is the sweetest thing i have ever seen. ok, so … Continue reading

It’s a ….

and we couldn’t be more excited!

Final chance to guess!

Tomorrow is the big day, we find out the sex of baby Q!!! If you you like to make a guess check out my poll. I can’t wait to share our news!

friday ramblings of a faith

this weekend is starting with a heavy heart, a sweet friend lost her husband today. she has been and continues to be an amazing example of a strong wife, mother and woman of God. throughout all of her intense struggles the past few weeks she has continued to praise God for the gifts in her … Continue reading