what’s your guess

today baby Q is supposedly the size of an apple. (what?) whatever. we find out the sex on monday! what’s you’re guess??? Advertisements


is there anything better when it feels like a monday but its actually tuesday! only when monday was actually spent shopping and enjoying the day with girlfriends. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. we certainly did around these parts. i have some fun posts lined up for the rest of the week, but … Continue reading

such a boring blogger

2 posts in a week, how pathetic, right? i’m sorry i’m a boring blogger. this week was a little rough, bigger belly (which means lots of smaller clothes), lots of sleepless nights and that bitch nausea again. just as i’ve started feeling great again i feel like i’ve taken 10 steps backwards. with that being … Continue reading


this is what our patio looked like when we moved in 9 months ago… this is what our patio looked like 8 1/2 months after living in our house… for months i’ve been wanting to fix things up on the patio, living in beautiful southern california you need to have some space to eat outside. … Continue reading

on becoming mommy

it is surreal. some days i don’t even feel pregnant. its hard to imagine all the craziness that is going on in my belly. apparently now my baby is the size of a peach (for some reason comparing it to fruit doesn’t help). then there are the other days. when i already feel so connected … Continue reading

my momma

i don’t post on the weekends, so here is a belated mother’s day to all you momma’s out there. and i want to clarify that momma is undefined. whether you are a momma to your own biological kids, adopted kids, neighboring kids, grand kids, foster kids, future kids, canine kids…doesn’t matter. thank you for being … Continue reading

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

i have to say, i love being married to my marine and i am extremely thankful for the life his career has given to us. it isn’t for everyone and it can be difficult. but one of the very best parts of living this life, is that no matter what you’re going through, whether your … Continue reading

working hard, or hardly working?

hi friends this is me “working” on projects around the house (aka, taking pictures of myself)…. and my 12 week bump…i mean if its just going to stick out there what do you expect! working hard, or hardly working? who cares, its almost the weekend! drink lots of margaritas for me loves!


obviously there are days when we feel more thankful for our life than others. there are days where we are completely ignorant of how good we’ve really got it and there are days when we are overwhelmed by how blessed life is. today i am overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. i am so … Continue reading

12 weeks

wow, it feels so good to have the baby news out in the open! i’m so thankful to be starting my second trimester and i’m feeling 100% better than i have been the last few months. today we had our twelve week ultrasound… hi baby! if you look closely you can see the little hands … Continue reading