I can’t wait to order some of these maps from Kate’s Paperie to decorate our apt with. They’re so inexpensive and have that weathered vintage look that I love. Advertisements

He’s leaving again.

John’s going to Afghanistan in March. Didn’t he just get home in January!?! Fortunately for me there’s been a lot of talk about this happening so it didn’t completely catch me off guard. Though I have to admit the moment he told me it really felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach, the tears … Continue reading

Excited to move.

John brought his gear home yesterday…there’s so much of it and no where to put it! Thank God we are moving in 3 weeks! I am beyond excited to have a guest room/ office again AND a washer and dryer. But I am definitely the most excited about redecorating! And I’m starting to get all … Continue reading

The way I am.

I love this song. it makes me think of me and John everytime I hear it.

Monkey bread.

I am DYING to make this, I’m just waiting for the right excuse…. If you’re like me and suffer from an extreme sweet tooth you are going to want to die and go to heaven when you see this (I imagine the clouds in heaven are made of monkey bread…oh God let it be true!) … Continue reading

Post-Valentine’s day love

I don’t hate Valentine’s day but I am definitely not crazy about it. I honestly feel like it put such an added pressure on my husband and I to show our love for each other that in the end it just made us frustrated with each other. I literally couldn’t be more in love with … Continue reading


The next 3 days will consist of going to work and studying for the GRE’s. The test is on Friday and its crunch time. So no more blogging until I’ve finished the test. Wish me luck!

We’re moving…again.

Third time’s a charm right? I certainly hope so. I’m tired of moving. Although I have to admit, I really did not enjoy moving into a new home without John so I’m glad we are able to kind of start over together again. Right now we’re in approximately 700 sq.ft. and its just not working. … Continue reading

Reading List.

I’m putting together a reading list. There a lot of books that I want to read and if I don’t write them down I’m afraid I’ll lose track. (Not to mention every time I walk into a Barnes and Noble I want to buy everything, maybe this will keep it under control….or maybe I should … Continue reading

“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again”

After a month and a half full of traveling it feels so great to finally be home all together. John is on his last week of leave and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) its supposed to rain again all week…that’s Winter in SoCal for ya. But we are definitely not complaining. John has quite a bit … Continue reading