man room

the hubs is itching for a “man room” in the house. this weekend he asked me if he could convert the garage into said room. i told him he could use his half of the garage, but also reminded him of how much it sucks to get into a cold wet JEEP on rainy mornings. … Continue reading

weekend in snapshots

fantastic weekend. lots of food, drinks and time with my hubby and friends. done and done. ready for the next!


i’m so proud of my family’s business. yesterday i found out that our marinara sauce is being featured on Cooking Light Magazine’s website here apparently McCutcheon’s is featured frequently in Cooking Light mag…why are we the last to know!? Guess I need to subscribe to Cooking Light! low calorie and sodium, all natural and delish! … Continue reading

10 canine commandments

as a dog lover (to put it mildly) i had to share this. i want to run home and hug my Cali girl. i love this girl.


if you were to ask me what i’ve been doing lately, i’d say… lately i’ve been working a lot, more than i usually like to, but i’m enjoying it. lately i’ve been struggling to find inspiration for projects around the house. trying to be patient through this dry spell. lately i’ve been feeling frustrated by … Continue reading

let them eat cake

last night for dinner there was cake, i meant what i said yesterday…i never joke about cake. i picked up this little lemon beauty on my way home from barre class…good thing i went! (and yes i took a bite before dinner). but before we ate the cake we made these pork chops. in a … Continue reading

fasting for lent

it’s that time of year. time to fast as pentinence. as i learn more about and grow into my faith the more important these expressions of my faith become. as a christian Easter is a hard pill to swallow. its extremely sorrowful and joyous at the same time. on Good Friday i cry tears of … Continue reading

weekly favorites

busy busy day today. here’s a little round-up of my weekly favorites. (note to the hubby) *this adorable post of the rents *this new (to me) resource for decor (enjoying the view at the beach and my two loves cuddling) (mr. romance – my v-day present from my mom (ha!) and my silly girl) Enjoy … Continue reading


one of my favorite ways to bring new color and texture into a space is with plants and flowers. it’s a small change that can have a big impact on the look and feel of a room. (it’s also a nice way to treat yourself to something pretty). one of my favorite places to find … Continue reading

list making

i love lists. i can’t function without them. very few things give me the satisfaction i get from checking things off of my to-do lists. i have lists for work, for home, for workouts, for groceries. you name it. as i’m usually doing about a million things at once, and am not inherently a great … Continue reading