on marriage.

its been 3 years and 21 days since that day. its amazing how time flies. i said I DO 3 months before my 23rd birthday. it was saturday. i did my own make-up, it was FREEZING and sleeting. i never felt the cold. it was awesome. i will without a doubt look back on that … Continue reading

January Pinterest favorites

to start the weekend off here’s a rundown of some pinterest faves from January: I love this color. On the hunt for the perfect table to paint! Wise words on marriage making this pizza asap a fun new diy valentine’s present ispiration have a wonderful weekend!

table troubles

(i know i promised this yesterday but we had some technically difficulties) about 2 months ago the hubs and I decided to refinish and revamp our hand-me-down dining table it was a huge help to us not to have to buy a new table right after we were married and had moving across the country…but … Continue reading

barre workouts and runs

happy monday. after a a nice relaxing weekend i thought i’d drop a little not about everyone’s favorite thing to talk about on monday morning…workout! (ha). up until a few months ago i strictly ran and did a little weight training and pilates. i love to run (so far the hubs and i have picked … Continue reading

weekly smile round-up

a little round-up of things that made me smile this week. this post by the beautiful Casey Wiegand touched my soul. making a pit-stop on a run for my girl to play in the ocean Smitten Kitchen always does it right, I’ve made this recipe twice in the last week. Inspiration for new art projects … Continue reading


we quail’s are not normally ones for new years resolutions, never sticks with us. however something changed this year and we have been able to set and stick to some pretty awesome resolutions (awesome for us anyway, easy as pie for the rest of the world i’m sure). the difference has come from setting attainable … Continue reading

gwyneth’s turkey burger

i have never been a huge fan of a turkey burger. if i’m going to eat a burger, give me a beef one covered in bacon and cheese! however, i have to admit i’m converted thanks to the fabulous gwyneth paltrow. this recipes comes from her new cookbook “My Father’s Daughter”<a href=”https://browneyedquail.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/gwyneth.jpg”&gt; (highly suggest purchasing … Continue reading

little blue

one morning, not long after we moved into our new home, I noticed our next door neighbors had left furniture out for the trash man. our new house is significantly larger than the apartment we had moved out of and we were working pretty hard to fill it will furniture, so I thought I’d take … Continue reading

blah-ggy monday

When I was considering coming back to blogging one of my biggest concerns was coming off too selfishly and self-centered (says the lady writing about herself). I’ve unfortunately read too many critics opinons on how bloggers are self absorbed “over sharers” and it kept me from coming back. It can be intimidating to put yourself … Continue reading

i smile

Happy Friday! I am especially thankful for this weekend as it has been a long and tiring week. Its time for a little down time. I though I’d start this weekend off with a few things that have made me smile this week. Pretty things that greet me when I get ready in the morning. … Continue reading