fall style

the daylight is changing and that means its time for my favorite season (although i haven’t seen a “real” fall in about 3 1/2 years.) its still in the high 70’s/80’s during the day in these parts, but its nice and cool in the evenings, giving me false hope. regardless, my roundness prevents me from … Continue reading


i just want to say thank you to all of our amazing friends and family who have been supporting us as we prep for baby Q’s arrival in a few weeks. i am truly overwhelmed, humbled and feel completely undeserving. all your generous gifts of baby essentials (and ridiculously adorable non-essentials), dinners cooked or delivered, … Continue reading


i feel as if i am back in my 1st trimester. we’re at 30 weeks and i’m exhausted. by the time i get home from work i can barely walk the dog and come up with something for dinner, let alone throw together a blog post. i will come back eventually, but in the meantime … Continue reading