being grateful

with a baby on the way there is a lot of thought/worry/concern/planning/finagling about money. about having all the “right” stuff when he gets here and being able to give him the life he deserves. i only have 4 months of work left before I quit my job (with 2 week long unpaid vacation/trips thrown in … Continue reading

friday ramblings of a faith

this weekend is starting with a heavy heart, a sweet friend lost her husband today. she has been and continues to be an amazing example of a strong wife, mother and woman of God. throughout all of her intense struggles the past few weeks she has continued to praise God for the gifts in her … Continue reading


obviously there are days when we feel more thankful for our life than others. there are days where we are completely ignorant of how good we’ve really got it and there are days when we are overwhelmed by how blessed life is. today i am overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. i am so … Continue reading

Back with a little inspiriation

I needed a little breather. Life got a little nuts. You all now how it is. You’re under the weather. Life changes happen. Visitors in town. You’re fine and then all of a sudden it hits you. Now both feet are relatively firmly planted back on the ground and I’m ready to come back to … Continue reading

twinkle twinkle, little star

how i wonder what you are. up above the world, so high. like a diamond in the sky. twinkle, twinkle, little star. how i wander what you are. i haven’t heard this song in a long time. but recently i heard it again and it hit me differently. it might sound strange, but this song … Continue reading

cheers to the weekend

kicking off the weekend with a few of my favorites from this week… * i’m loving the new design of my blog. clean lines. ahhh. *this tour re-inspired me in my love for all things white. *reading this gave me some peace. i feel the same way. *this song. i adore her. *our church does … Continue reading

fasting for lent

it’s that time of year. time to fast as pentinence. as i learn more about and grow into my faith the more important these expressions of my faith become. as a christian Easter is a hard pill to swallow. its extremely sorrowful and joyous at the same time. on Good Friday i cry tears of … Continue reading


i don’t love valentine’s day. this is not meant to be an anti-valentines day post, filled with black hearts and cynicism, but i hate the pressure it puts on our partners and the way it can leave people feeling singled out and alone. i love everyone in my life more today than i did yesterday … Continue reading