What a week!

So its been a whole week since I have blogged and I have to say, I’m exhausted. For some reason last week became “that week”, the week when EVERYTHING happens. Not only was work INSANE, for once, but almost every single night I had plans with friends! Then finally when Sunday, my long-awaited and much-needed … Continue reading

The weekend and the pumpkin bread pudding.

Haha sounds like a kids book huh? Anyway, here it is again, Monday. Its 8:30 Monday morning and I’m back in my cube. Oy. For someone who rarely sleeps in past 7:30 on the weekends its quite rare to be saying this, but I would give my right arm to be cozied up in bed … Continue reading

Baked Gnocchi and Lightbulbs.

So last night I tried a new gnocchi recipe and it all became so clear. But before we get into my lightbulb moment I have got to tell you, I’ve never made gnocchi before and was that a huge mistake! I rarely even order it when we go out and I don’t know why, because … Continue reading

Tomato and Sausage Risotto.

I had been intimidated by risotto for a while and I shouldn’t have been. So easy and SO delicious! This is definitely a creamy bowl of comfort food! (Serves 4) 1 can (28 ounces) diced tomatoes in juice 1 tablespoon olive oil 3/4 pound sweet or hot Italian sausage, casings removed 1 small onion, finely … Continue reading

Updates. Lets try this again.

Stupid computer. Why would you erase everything after I spent so much time writing it? Ok, I’ll be nice, I won’t throw you across the room, this time. I guess that’s what I get for writing this on my crappy dell at work and not on my beautifully wonderful iMAC at home. ANNNYWAY….here’s some updates … Continue reading

It just makes me laugh.

Yesterday I was frustrated. Well I don’t really think frustrated quite accurately describes how I was feeling but you get the idea. But while I was at work I told myself that I had to keep it together at least until I got to the car. And I did. I wasn’t necessarily my cheerful self … Continue reading

Margherita Pizza.

If there’s one thing that has really brought me comfort the past few weeks its been cooking. And in my cooking I’ve been trying lots of new things, on of which Margherita Pizza. I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to buy a frozen pizza again if I can help it. Homemade is the best, … Continue reading

I just keep praying.

As soon as I think things are really getting worked out and we’re finally getting our stuff together the Marine Corps just hits us again! Let me just say this. It is impossible to budget while your husband is deployed. As soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out and you’re going to … Continue reading

Working hard to stay on track.

Its hard. But I feel so very accomplished when it happens! I should first start out by saying the $20 didn’t quite cover the groceries, basically b/c I had to buy meat and fresh produce. How stupid is it that the healthiest stuff is the most expense?! Oh well, I’m not willing to compromise I’d … Continue reading

Annie’s Beef stew…yum!

Yesterday was quite overcast and cool (for Southern California that is) and the perfect day for a hot bowl of beef stew. My dear friend Annie’s recipe is a an easy no fail recipe that tastes like home 🙂 Its serves 2 with a bit of leftovers. Enjoy! Ingredients: Beef cubes 3-4 stalks of celery … Continue reading