And then she blogged…

About nothing in particular. But better something about nothing than nothing at all. Or something like that…

Clearly I am terrible at blogging now. I blame it on my lack of sleep and extremely energetic/time consuming 9 month old. So please direct any complaints to this guy —

Speaking of that guy, he is almost 10 months old! When on earth did that happen?! (a phrase I am sure I will be say repeating daily until the day that I die.) he is a speed crawling, free standing, blabbering, food crushing, sleepless animal. He’s wearing me out. Seriously, I have not slept in 10 months. Not one full night. I feel like a shell of my former self and would really just love some sleep. Hear that little guy?! SLEEP!

Enough about my lack of sleep. In other news, starting next month the hubs and I will be participating in the Whole Life Challenge. It’s an 8 week program with the goal of adjusting our priorities in terms of our health and wellness. I’m hoping the diet change will have some positive affects on both my body and mental state. I feel like I’m losing my mind (see paragraph above). The challenge begins September 7th and I will be attempting to track our journey. attempting.

Here’s to hoping for another post tomorrow, stay classy and thanks for stopping by


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