i (will) quit sugar

i am addicted to sugar. i’m tired of it. i feel like and look like shiz and i’m over it. but i can’t do it alone. so here i am…

my goal is to use this as a sort of accountability. maybe even find a friend or two who want to do this thing with me. i’m taking this one day at a time. that’s all i can do if i want to make this stick.

my plan? i’m using this book and her eight week plan to help guide me


i know this is going to be painfully difficult. sugar is what i reach to when i’m stressed. bored. sad. mad. you name it. and i’ve been doing this for along time. i know it is affecting my mental state along with my physical state. i’m moody and angry, i’m tired, i’m unfocused. i’m also having a really hard time losing the rest of this baby weight (from baby #2, its been quite a while since i’ve been on here), and i know why. i’m actually in great shape, but my diet sucks.

i’m officially starting tomorrow. so i will be posting a before picture of myself *gulp* and my plan for the week ahead.

so here we go….


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