34 weeks and counting…

here we are at 34 weeks. i thought i felt large at 26 weeks, HA. i’ve hit that infamous point of “i don’t want to be pregnant anymore”. while i’m continuously grateful for this miracle, i’m ready for the miracle to relocate from my stomach. breathing, sleeping, eating, and a seemingly never ending list of other little things i have taken for granted (hello rolling over in bed), are no longer within my wheel house.

bump status: big, round and heavy. most people think i’ve stuffed a basketball up my shirt.

how big is babe?: approximately 5 lbs, yea. and 18-20 inches long. we have our last ultrasound in about a week and half so we’ll see where he stacks up then.

clothing: limited. the end.

weight gain: 30 lbs. yep, we’ve hit it and my feet are hating me for it. i can’t wait to get back to really working out and feeling like myself again.

tidbits: next week is my last week of work. i’m quite ready to leave but the thought of not having a job is making this bittersweet. i’m sure i’ll forget all about when the little quail man arrives.

nesting is in full swing, there are a few things i feel we HAVE to have finished. i had all the carpets cleaned in the house (which of course was the signal to the dog to get sick on them), next are all the windows. any volunteers for my baseboards and walls? the nursery is almost complete. i bought this awesome print for above the crib, which i’m having matted and framed today.and that should be the finishing touch. i’ll share an update once its complete.

i think we have everything we need for baby. strollers, co-sleeper, swing, carriers, car seat, clothes, diapers and a momma and poppa so ready to meet him we could bust. we just have to make it to my brother’s wedding in about a week and a half and once we get home little man please feel free to grace us with your presence!


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