Feathering Our Nest

as if i wasn’t lucky enough to have a beautiful shower back in maryland a few months ago, this past weekend my sweet friends threw baby and i another gorgeous shower here in cali. the shower was absolutely gorgeous, nothing short of pinterest worthy, my friends quite obviously have impeccable taste. they appropriately themed the shower “feathering the nest” for our little baby Quail. my heart was ready to explode as we enjoyed all the beautiful details and generous gifts from our friends and family, i am constantly blown away by the blessings in our life.

ok, ready for the photo bomb?……

every detail was perfect

my hostesses had each guest bring a onesie for baby and i had to guess who brought which

(the last onesie was sent by my mother in law, it was the hub’s when he was a baby)

not only was i able to spend the afternoon with some of the most precious people in my life, but they surprised me with some unbelievable gifts

nana (my mom) knitted the most amazing blanket for baby q. not only did she learn how to knit just to make this blanket, but the pattern of the blanket was incredibly difficult and it looks amazing! i cannot wait to cuddle my little guy in this blanket.

my mom also brought the finished and framed print my sister gave me (and drew) from my last shower.

and my sweet friends surpised me with this pimp stroller (and matching bassinet seat)! this stroller with the silver bow equalled the excitement of receiving a lexus with a red bow on it (which for the record i have never actually experienced, but can imagine…)

as you can see the day was beautiful and i will remember it always. i am so thankful for our friends that were there and for those that couldn’t be but sent us their love in place.

so, i guess now that the shower is over and we have all our baby stuff that means its time for baby, right!?


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