12 weeks

wow, it feels so good to have the baby news out in the open! i’m so thankful to be starting my second trimester and i’m feeling 100% better than i have been the last few months.

today we had our twelve week ultrasound…

hi baby! if you look closely you can see the little hands above the face and its sweet little nose…i love baby noses. i cannot wait to kiss this baby’s little nose.

the baby is approximately 3 inches long and all of its vital organs have formed! doctor says everything looks great and the baby was moving all over the place! i am so in love.

i am so very excited about this new stage of life that we are in. it has already brought the hubby and i closer together and i’m praying this is a continual process. it has been so crazy, and slightly difficult, to watch my body change. but despite the uncomfortable and unattractive moments i am loving this.
this is me at 10 weeks…

it still feels like this baby’s birthday is forever away, but it is becoming more real every day. i’m sure november will be here before i know it, so i am trying to take this day by day. (although i admit i often find myself lost in daydreams of sweet snuggling moments with my little one.)

in the meantime, now that i’m finally feeling like myself again i’ve got some new projects around the house that i’ll be sharing soon. and then of course it won’t be long until we get started on the nursery! yay!


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